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Aseyhe t1_jb1pypu wrote

Entanglement doesn't have any connection to time. It just means that the outcome of a measurement of one particle is correlated with the outcome of a measurement of the other. Those measurements could be performed at any times.


Teo_Filin t1_jb1quc6 wrote

And entangled particles are "connected" via their past moment of interaction?


[deleted] t1_jb1tzq5 wrote



Aseyhe t1_jb1vjul wrote

This is a good way to think of entanglement, as long as you also keep in mind that not every configuration of entangled particles corresponds to a set of local hidden variables in this way (those would be the spooky outcomes you're referring to). But most entanglement scenarios people think of are indeed equivalent to local hidden variables.


OldWolf2 t1_jb3un0o wrote

Your scenario is not entangled, it's just a lack of knowledge on the part of the other person .

Lack of knowledge is NOT the explanation of entangled particles.