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kore_nametooshort t1_jbackit wrote

Frying pans run much hotter than that. Much hotter than ovens for sure.


upvoatsforall t1_jbafn1d wrote

They can get much hotter but if you don’t want to burn stuff you can cook at lower temperature. Some fancy new induction tops allow you to set the temperature of the pan. Non stick coatings burn off at around 500 F. So I keep a laser thermometer to keep tabs on the temp.


NeverPlayF6 t1_jbaqw17 wrote

Just a heads up- laser thermometers are actually infrared thermometers that measure the IR emitted as blackbody radiation. Each substance has a emissivity coefficient that has a significant effect on the measured temperature. Most IR thermometers are set to a default of 0.95 which is fantastic, since that is the emissivity value of cooking oil... but if you're trying to measure the surface temperature of a pan, it could vary substantially.