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ErikTheAngry t1_jbafbx8 wrote

A thin silicone mat will work fine for what you want, and handle most of the temperatures you're going to be exposing it to (the pan is going to be hot, even if there is no radiant heat from the element itself).

They'll still melt if you go too hot, but for your average cooking, they're enough.

It's good for cast iron cookware. Shelters the ceramic top from the iron.


dastardly740 t1_jbaj2ja wrote

The exception is probably when cast iron is used for searing. If all goes well, that should significantly exceed the temperature kitchen silicone mats can handle.


takesalicking t1_jban3wk wrote

Why not aluminum foil? It's non-magnetic, thin, won't "burst into flames" or melt.


ErikTheAngry t1_jbaoe0o wrote

It'll probably stop the mess, assuming it doesn't tear.

Though personally I'd be worried about fumes.. confined between the pan and the element the temps could be considerably higher than the surface of the pan itself (not unlike how the temps rise when you put a lid on a pot). Aluminum fumes are no joke, which start to be a concern around 600C. Of course at those temps, silicone would just be a bubbling mess too.

Foil won't do anything to protect the ceramic top from a heavy piece of iron though. The silicone mat will provide a bit of padding to help avoid scraping the ceramic, and it offers a little leeway in setting down the cast iron.

All while being reusable.


BitsAndBobs304 OP t1_jbajj8t wrote

i've seen some mats made for induction cooking on amazon. however, some reviews talking about them melting (which results not just in money loss of item, but very hard or impossible to remove stain on the expensive stovetop).

now, some reviews are likely to be from ill informed people with an electric stove. however, some claim to be certain that they have induction stove and they still melted, which worries me.