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viscence t1_jda3hah wrote

No, that's not right. We do know that no such "place" exists.


Dorigoon t1_jdar8ym wrote

So the location of the big bang can't be plotted on a hypothetical xyz axis? Is that because our math is incapable of calculating this? Unknown variables?


Shirkie01 t1_jdaxzfb wrote

The answer to "where did the Big Bang happen" is always "exactly where you are", no matter where you are. This is because it's not an event that happened in the universe, it is the universe.

Unfortunately I can't find the GIF with the expanding red dots that made it clearer, but the idea is that there is no preferred reference frame and thus no location that's "more important" than any other.

This image might help. Picture A is the location of galaxies at some given time, while Picture B is the location of galaxies at some future time. Pictures C and D show that the galaxies appear to be moving away from "here", wherever "here" might be, and the galaxies farther away from "here" appear to be moving faster.


ethereal_phoenix1 t1_jdrgcwd wrote

The reason why the center can't be plotted on and xyz axis it does not exist on the xyz axis.

In 2d think of the universe as the surface of a balloon being inflated there is no point on the surface of where expantion started (expantion started in the centre) as all points on the surface are moving away from all other points uniformly.

P.s. I know this I 3 days old