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Zondagsrijder t1_jdo08lp wrote

Wait, what about people whose brain hemispheres that have been split reporting one "side" not being able to observe what the other side does? Or are those reports misreported/misinterpreted somehow?


TwistedBrother t1_jdo0n8d wrote

Not really and there’s some fascinating experiments to present as such. The brain still makes sense of itself as a single entity but yeah you can do things like cover one eye and see the thing but not be able to find the word for it until you see it with the other eye, if recall my documentary correctly.


Blakut t1_jdo76jp wrote

yes, but it's not the right or left eye, it's the left or right side of each eye. So if you cover the left side of both eyes or the right side of both eyes, you isolate one hemisphere or the other.