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Coomb t1_jdrsw29 wrote

Did anyone say that the matrix operation of convolution, or the idea of smearing it across an image, was invented via inspiration from experimental explication of image processing as performed by animals? I don't think they did, and I would be surprised if that were true. But those references do show that the "neocognitron" was explicitly inspired by actual physical neural networks used by animals for image processing, because among other things they include the original neocognitron paper, which is very clear about its inspiration. This is relevant because review papers of convolutional neural networks like this one from University College London almost universally identify the neocognitron as the direct precursor to modern convolutional neural networks.


Fenrisvitnir t1_jdsp8nn wrote

"The popular press often talks about how neural network models are “directly inspired by the human brain.” In some sense, this is true, as both CNNs and the human visual system follow a “simple-to-complex” hierarchical structure. However, the actual implementation is totally different; brains are built using cells, and neural networks are built using mathematical operations."


Coomb t1_jdsre81 wrote

Is this supposed to be responsive to my point?