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jawshoeaw t1_jdo7f3f wrote

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this misconception. Maybe because vaccine starts with v or something. Or because in the age of antibiotics it’s well known bacteria are easy to kill directly where as viruses are best avoided by vaccine or you must wait them out while the immune system mops them out


masshiker t1_jdohyqm wrote

Somebody taught me that bacterial infections could not be treated with vaccines. They are entirely different life forms right? You treat them with penicillin.


Ehldas t1_jdoq005 wrote

A vaccine is given before an infection (whether viral or bacterial), to stop it happening in the first place.

There are some rare exceptions, like rabies in some cases, where you would use a post-exposure vaccine, but for the vast majority it's a preventive measure not a curative one.


emelrad12 t1_jdqgo5n wrote

Well rabies is really slow with incubation of months compared to days for others, so technically you are still giving it before the virus is even noticed by the immune system.


joeri1505 t1_jdps73e wrote

A vaccine is a weakened or incapacitated version of a disease that teaches your body how to fight of a real infection. This can be both a virus or a bacteria.

Penicilin is a medicine that kills bacteria.

Vaccinations prevent sickness Penecilin (or other antibiotics) cure bacterial infections

Vaccines are not a treatment for sick people You cant prevent whats already there