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twan_john t1_iu7uqjv wrote

There's some new research that looked into how sleep protects against Alzheimer's. "A study published in the journal Science revealed that cerebrospinal fluid carries these waste products away from the brain during deep sleep, acting as a guard to cognitive function . . . There’s also mounting research to suggest that getting too little—or even too much—sleep could increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease."



doomedtobeme t1_iu86ylo wrote

I was taught something similar in uni maybe 3 years ago, sleep and quality of sleep is huuuuge. It's been found that in people with lack of sleep, that there's an abnormally high level of specific plaques and more related to dementia etc.

Shift workers are getting funked over big time, can't imagine how bad 30 years of those shifts are on the brain.


mazurzapt t1_iu9pxdd wrote

I read about these cerebrospinal fluids some years ago and I visualize that now when I go to sleep. Ok time for my brain to have a bath! Lol