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Velvy71 t1_itrn3fd wrote

There was a famous case in the UK a few years ago with a double blind trial that had an extremely serious reaction by the volunteers. Participants and staff went through the panic of not knowing who was going to react next, looking at each other, waiting for the next reaction.

Eight men took part, the drug had looked positive in animal testing but reacted very badly in humans. Here’s one article, you can use it to find more, possibly the documentary is online.

And there is an ethical dilemma, giving potentially healthy people something that might harm them. Risk versus reward, the greater good.


Nudelklone t1_itufulo wrote

No, the incidence you mentioned was not a double-blind study. It was a Phase I clinical study. The first test of a drug in humans. This test is done to test the safety, the side effects, the best dose and the best formulation method for the drug. All probands in a clinical phase I study are healthy individuals without the disease in question and all of them receive the drug (after intense studies in animals).