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kenobismom17 t1_ityvgmg wrote

That's like next level infanticide. Smother ... let the geese keep their growing excitement for parenting.... then watch the geese be sad. What's good for the gander isn't always good for the goose.


BigCockLock t1_ityw5zs wrote

Geese do not have a growing excitement for parenthood. They act on instinct


LuneBlu t1_iu03hzf wrote

Have you asked a mother goose?


chundricles t1_iu0q5mh wrote

A survey of geese on the excitement they feel for parenting showed the following:

70% responded "squawk"

30% responded with pecking


Thog78 t1_iu1xoan wrote

And what is "growing excitement" if not an instinct ;-) ?


herrbdog t1_iu1vexi wrote

with few predators, they quickly become a nuisance

yeah, humans are to blame for that

at least we should eat them like the wolves and coyotes would have