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polaarbear t1_itziimc wrote

Is this a real problem? I can't think of myself ever having an issue with eggs cracking while being hard-boiled. Seems like you've have to SEVERELY over-cook them for that to happen.


kintar1900 t1_itzlkit wrote

It even happens to me once in a blue moon, and I prefer my hard-boiled eggs slightly on the medium side so I don't think overcooking is the problem.


penny_eater t1_iu09s6s wrote

The air has to come out somewhere as it expands. Sometimes it can get out through the micropores in the egg and sometimes it can't and the shell cracks. Has nothing to do with if its overcooked at all, as the trapped air will be the very first thing to get hot during cooking.


st0p_the_q_tip t1_iu0gfn7 wrote

It happens if you put the eggs in boiling water (which makes it easier to time it, especially across different pots), not so much if you start cold


CompetitionOther7695 t1_iu21ba4 wrote

Word! I boil them without piercing the shells and they never burst, put them in the water cold, bring it to boil and then set them aside with a cover, as the water cools they cook perfectly


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bawng t1_iu098in wrote

I usually boil mine for 8 minutes and I don't think I have ever had any of them crack.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_iu09o4w wrote

Cracking is down to the brand of chicken and partially how much calcium is in the chicken’s diet.