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LeviAEthan512 t1_iuvkpy4 wrote

I don't have a full answer, but webs are very calorically expensive, and most spiders will eat their webs to recycle the material if they have to leave or rebuild. It's almost pure protei

If a spider happened upon the web of a dead spider, I'd imagine it would either eat it or just move in if it's suitable.


insidemyvoice t1_iuxfd4w wrote

I've often wondered, if a spider gets knocked out of it's web or has it destroyed so that it can't be reabsorbed, does it still have enough internal material to make another web?


joleme t1_iuxljhd wrote

That's going to entirely vary from instance to instance. Did it eat recently, was it already starving, and so on. They can always generate more as long as the energy is there.