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Primitive-Mind t1_iuwy41l wrote

Brookgreen Gardens, a park in SC, has a section in the wildlife preserve with a wooden barn. It’s really old and rotten, maybe 10’ x 20’ if memory serves, and at first glance from a distance all is kosher, but the closer you get you realize the entire inside is one gigantic spider web. Literally thousands of banana spiders, or golden silk orbweavers, which until then I had only ever seen going solo. Once your eyes adjust to the low light it is traumatizing even to someone who loves spiders.


Chihlidog t1_iuxgjkf wrote

I could have gone my entire life and been happy not knowing that. Now, because I have a short circuit in my brain, I want to see this. And I'm a severe arachnaphobe.


[deleted] t1_iv328xy wrote

Are there enough bugs in the barn for them to all eat and reproduce more generations. I’d assume the spiders would hunt all the food over time