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heresacorrection t1_ivgtoop wrote

On average we expect an individual to have millions of variants that differ from the reference. Most of which are inconsequential (i.e. not malignant).'s,specific%20changes%20in%20DNA%20sequence.

In addition, relative to the reference, the variability is dependent on your origin.

"Consistent with the out-of-Africa model of human origin, the number of variant sites per genome is highest among Africans (∼5 million variants) compared with individuals of East Asian, European, or South Asian ancestry (∼4.0–4.2 million variants) "


ivan_drago27 t1_ivh98dx wrote

Such a good note to add on the out-of-Africa model, thank you for including that. Been a few years since I actively studied this stuff and that made me want to dig into some theory again.