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Ameisen t1_iwrcnq9 wrote

Apes are monkeys - they're a clade within the catarrhine monkeys. A fairly deeply-originating one at that.

There's no way to define monkeys with apes not being included without being quite paraphyletic.


webbphillips t1_iwrvcup wrote

Cool! Does this also mean that all of us mammals are actually mammal-like reptiles?


Ameisen t1_iwsbdu8 wrote

Reptiles are diapsids, while mammals are synapsids. Though it depends on your definition of "reptile", though when amniotes first appeared they very rapidly split into synapsids and diapsids, while apes appeared 10 million years after the first Cattarhines (and aren't significantly different from their closest non-ape relatives).


kfederal t1_iwsla13 wrote

Can I pay you to spit evolutionary facts by my bedside while I fall asleep?


Ameisen t1_iwsnowq wrote

All the mitochondria in all Eukaryotes are the descendents of a single proto-mitochondrion (likely closely-related to Rickettsoid bacteria) which was engulfed by an early proto-Eukaryotic cell, but was not destroyed.