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waterslidelobbyist t1_iwr9rvz wrote

We share a common ancestor with chimpanzees more recently than with gorillas. Either the mutation to a more gorilla-like clavicle hadn't happened or was not enough of an advantage to be selected for as we evolved away from proto-chimps.


FillRevolutionary900 t1_iwrab2v wrote

But that makes the statement distinguishing the terrestrial apes and arboreal apes in terms of the shape of their clavicles meaningless. Because there are really only two terrestrial apes (gorillas and humans), and one of those two doesn't fit what the statement claims. So why make that distinction in the first place.


waterslidelobbyist t1_iwrkjyx wrote

I'm honestly not smart enough to explain the distinction but I'll try. We're one of the two terrestrial apes now, but in the Miocene we've got a whole grip of weird apes running around Africa and Eurasia on the ground, and they're all more closely related to gorillas and have similar adaptations.