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imtoooldforreddit t1_ixbi4oj wrote

Space is really empty

If you're picturing dodging like in star wars flying through asteroid fields, that's not what space is like

In our asteroid belt, average distance from an asteroid to the next closest asteroid is about 100,000 miles

For the probes that have gone through the asteroid belt, they had absolutely no way to know if there was an asteroid coming, because the risk of even a single one was basically negligible.


Saerali t1_ixbsyqj wrote

Oh didn't know it was THAT spread out. How packed would saturn's rings be ?


Exatex t1_ixbxwxj wrote

Very packed - so packed that although the rings are just 10-100m thick, they block most light going though them

run fact edit: Saturns rings are some of the thinnest things known to us. They have a diameter of ~1 million kilometers.


tizuby t1_ixciixl wrote

You're off by a factor of 6 with average asteroid distance - and that's just in the most dense parts of our asteroid belt (about ~1,000,000 km or ~620,000mi).