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jzillacon t1_ixc30n6 wrote

I like the description given by the cinematographers for the lord of the rings when asked where the light was coming from in the night scenes. "The same place as the music" was their answer.


rodrikes t1_ixceq7r wrote

Ooh thats a very interesting take on it, I’ll have to remember that one


AppleDrops t1_ixcjmok wrote

Can the characters see the light but not hear the music?


jzillacon t1_ixcmkep wrote

Well in the case of Lord of the Rings, the lighting was at a level that made it so you could reasonably see about what the characters would already be able to see after their eyes adjusted to the dark. So it doesn't really cause any discrepancy, it just makes it so the cameras could see things as well as the people there would and makes the whole thing a lot more watchable.