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kaiise t1_ixc6xe7 wrote

what if the the universe would be bathed in "light", maybe not seeable by the naked eye. "but felt" as it is really bathed in EM radiation and other more exotic manifestations of energy perturbations in much higher magnitudes.

would it be so truly dark? what if you were seeing fake light. like photons emitted near your eyes/retina from other higher energy "not visible" sources

then there is the fact that every body in the observable universe is exerting a force on everything else no matter how negligible. while that tis not visible light being emitted and travelling to our eyes. its almost like everything of any mass/energy is sort of reaching out and touching you, our retinas and other sensitive parts of humans are tiny and pick up all kinds of interaction. so who knows what deep space is like to human beings? not great.

kind of like the flashes' the first astronauts were quietly reporting they were seeing even sometimes with their eyes closed.