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CaptainDadJoke t1_j22zx43 wrote

see, this is why I tell people they're wrong when they call me smart. I understood maybe a quarter of all of this :D You beautiful amazing people are awesome, I love seeing someone talking shop about their craft like this. Keep up the good work and I thank you all for this I now have lots of things to google while I'm stuck here at work.


defaltusr t1_j23qq90 wrote

Lol, I just commented the exact same. Black holes, james web telescope, how stuff behaves at close to lightspeed, no problem. But no idea what these people are talking about


Fellainis_Elbows t1_j23rzhz wrote

We add an extra medicine to block an enzyme that would convert the medication we want to be converted in the brain too early, out in the peripheries.