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Scarlet- t1_izjoz6h wrote

I checked my supplier two days ago and the only available strength for amoxicillin suspension was 400 mg/5 ml with a quantity of 6 to supply any contracted pharmacy in Nevada and possibly Arizona. I had to order 3. 🤦‍♂️

I hope supply meets demand soon. Everything is being affected: adderall, antibiotics, antivirals, diabetic auto injectors.


EmilyU1F984 t1_izkkfip wrote

You get liquid? Only ones we can safely get is Tablets in my part of Germany. Liquid formulations are on Backorder..

Not that I’d personally mind compounding those Tablets into a suspension ifneed be… but being a retail pharmacy… those prescriptions are virtually never for a confirmed bacterial infection, but rather ‚if things get worse‘

Like wtf if things get worse, you hand the prescription to the parents and have it picked up/delivered by the pharmacy. Don‘t have patients keep out of stock antibiotics at home -.-


Scarlet- t1_izktgwh wrote

Yes, but the liquid stock comes and goes. For the most part they have been on back order for a few weeks.

Is compounding antibiotics from tablet to liquid a common thing in retail pharmacies in Germany?


ChaoCobo t1_izni6y1 wrote

Wait why are adderall and daibetic auto injectors running low?


Scarlet- t1_iznj0ai wrote

Suppliers are having trouble meeting demands.

I don’t know the exact reason for adderall, but I noticed it happened after the mislabeling of adderall 15mg generic. 20mg was produced with a 15mg label on it. That was pulled from market and then began a slow cascade of people switching to different manufacturers/strengths resulting in a shortage. Again, this is from my observation. The FDA’s website has more on this.

For the diabetic auto injectors, ozempic being used for its non-FDA indication of weight loss resulted in a shortage resulting in a cascade of events like patients switching to different strengths or trulicity, mounjaro, etc. Now all the manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand.


Indemnity4 t1_izurvp6 wrote

Adderall is in short supply because two factors:

  • a main manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals shutdown during Covid due to worker shortages. They are still having disruptions to manufacturing.

  • prescriptions are up, way up. Highest they have ever been. Big social media campaign during the locksdowns and lots of attention on mental health diagnosis. Adderall is the first medicine most people with ADHD will attempt.

Diabetes auto injectors is because it now has two uses and one of those makes the company more money. (Semaglutide, sold as the brand name Ozempic and Wegovy) is only manufactured by one company using a very delicate and expensive process. The company split the output from the factory into two products: Ozempic for diabetes type 2 and Wegovy for non-presciption weight loss. Same product, but two different uses and the company presumably makes a lot more money as a lifestyle drug. It is immensely hugely crazy mammoth popular for off-label prescriptions for weight loss.


Scarlet- t1_j00omc3 wrote

>Teva Pharmaceuticals shutdown

That explains a lot! Thank you.