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MikeyXVX t1_j1ge42f wrote

The ridiculous part of this argument is that your medical records will already take this into consideration. If your clinician doesn't consider your anatomy, while still respecting your gender, they are bad clinicians. This is just an argument someone makes if they are either not a healthcare professional or they are just being disingenuous.


exarkann t1_j1gjicp wrote

In an emergency situation your records may not be readily available, though that's not a particularly strong argument.


rosewonderland t1_j1gznti wrote

Yeah. Neither is the birth certificate or ID card always available (like when you get into an accident while jogging). So for emergencies, the gender on those documents rarely plays a role. And in cases the patient is still able to talk (or has someone with them who knows them) and they answer honestly to "Are there any prior medical issues or infos we should know about?", it can be taken into consideration anyway.