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Mr_Zaroc t1_j1yepy3 wrote

Uniting urinating is an interesting topic, I can't imagine they can't do without for hours on end, but then again the whole suiting up etc. is time consuming
Would also like to know how they work around it


Fedekz3215 t1_j1yx6xl wrote

You pee shortly before going to the OR so you're usually good for a few hours. There's a "first assist" which is usually a resident or PA scrubbed in helping. In long procedures there can be tedious dissecting so the attending can break scrub and go urinate or eat a quick snack while the resident keeps working. Only takes a minute or less to scrub in these days (Avagard replaced the old 4 minute scrubbing, and the scrub tech will have your gown and gloves ready for you) so that's not a barrier at all.


kazin29 t1_j1yjxgo wrote

They don't excrete. It's not uncommon for surgeons to develop kidney and back issues from operating.