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sky_blu t1_j1zs6ka wrote

"if you see a transplant surgeon, give them a coffee and point them in the right direction"


Acrobatic_Safety2930 t1_j2123vp wrote

You people seriously think that our bodies don't get used to caffeine?


you get almost 0 effect from it at some point


MagicTheDudeChef t1_j21h14m wrote

As an aside, I think there was a study on caffeine where they put people with varying levels of caffeine tolerance through a series of performance tests with and without caffeine, and it showed that even people who had built up a high tolerance and didn't consciously "feel" the effects of caffeine still experienced the same performance benefits of the caffeine. Sorry I don't have the details or the reference (so I can't speak to the robustness of the study), but it's out there somewhere.


deldr3 t1_j2224hq wrote

and even if you feel less of the stimulant effect, it still messes with your adenosine neurotransmitters impacting your ability to sleep.