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thedavecan t1_j1zvvfe wrote

I'm a CRNA in a mid sized regional medical center. We only trade out up to a certain point. After 8pm if I'm on call I'm the only anesthesia provider in the OR (we have one dedicated to OB but it has to be an all hands on deck emergency to ask them to come down) and so there's no bathroom breaks after that time. Surgeons, scrubs, and circulators can all scrub out and go pee but anesthesia can't leave the patient unattended, ever. Every facility is different and it's super rare for us to do cases longer than 8-9 hrs here but the potential is always there when you work in the OR.


Mert_Burphy t1_j20d4v0 wrote

Just curious what happens if you get a case of the need to shits suddenly. I get why you can't leave an anethetized patient alone even for 30 seconds but still..


thedavecan t1_j20muzq wrote

Hold it. I wish there were any other solution. Desperately hope the OB person isn't busy and can come down and break you for 5 min but they're usually busy. Your bowel habits adjust honestly.


ryanveilleux1 t1_j214stq wrote

Much respect! I worked at a level 1, all run by CRNAs, the best group of providers I’ve ever seen.