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wishingtoheal t1_j20h6zj wrote

Perhaps in the long term, but not necessarily in the short term. The process of medical school accreditation is separate from the number of residency slots, increasing program sizes, or creating new residency programs.

There are still MDs who go unmatched into programs and the job market for general practice without being board certified is very limited. I think it’s pretty illogical that in many states midlevels (usually NPs) can gain fully independent practice (FPA) shortly after graduating while physicians cannot (licenses require 1-2 yrs of residency training before you qualify for licensure).
A lot of this comes down to lobbying, unfortunately.


JewishSpaceTrooper t1_j218mko wrote

ABSOLUTELY 💯 agree!!! The for-profit institutions, specifically the Nurse Practitioner schools, that, for the sake of aforementioned profit, have dropped pre-requisite skills and experience, to virtually the bare minimum. And, let’s not mention the ONLINE education slide (of abomination) from BSN to NP…how the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) signed off on this is beyond me. Soon enough, the poor people in this country, will only see a physician very rarely….while NPs already handle cases far too complicated for their expertise. What a time to be alive