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DukeSuperior_Truth t1_j21d1m5 wrote

Exactly. Just because people can’t imagine doing something extraordinary, doesn’t mean it’s crazy or dangerous. People do ultramarathons that run 36 hours with no sleep as well. Adaptation is the operative word here.


Parappappappa t1_j21pubh wrote

Running a marathon is not a daily occurence though. Pulling an all nighter once in a while is very different than constant sleep deprivation. Also if someone chooses to run an ultramarathon but they lose focus the only person whose wellbeing is at risk is themselves - however if a doctor (or other staff) loses focus and make a mistake it impacts the patient as well.


DukeSuperior_Truth t1_j23ls9o wrote

Good points! I really just mean the analogy to be about how people can do extraordinary things when they are trained over time to do them. Surgery very difficult to get into, training excruciating and those factors help weed out most. The few left in the subspecialty surgery groups really love it, really deserve to do what they do and are of a different breed. Even among doctors, who are all pretty good at working hard and focusing.