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cheeze_whiz_shampoo OP t1_j0zzy9t wrote

So people would be forced 'back' against the wall of the tank but just at a slower rate compared to an air filled environment?


mfb- t1_j101hsw wrote

You can use a liquid that matches the average human density. Water is pretty close already.

Where would you need a very large acceleration? 1 g is no problem, 2 g is likely acceptable for a long time, 3-5 g is okay for the time needed to reach Earth orbit.


FlyHandler t1_j109tbu wrote

Yup, basically. And when they are pressed against the wall then the person will be subject to the same G force as the tanks movement.


Jagid3 t1_j112cnj wrote

But the force is not relevant. Unless their body shatters at some point, they are virtually the same density as the rest of the water.

By your logic, no part of the spacecraft could survive any part of the journey, because it's touching itself and the engine.