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xratedcheese t1_j1c811x wrote

You need teeth. Nerves preserve teeth.

  • If teeth had no nerves, you'd chomp on unchompable things -- "me eat rock" -- until your teeth wore down, broke, and fell out. Then you'd die and not have children whose teeth have no nerves.
  • If your teeth have nerves, you're a bit more careful about your teeth -- "ow, me NO eat rock" -- and you live a healthy life and get laid and have children whose teeth have nerves.

kovadomen t1_j1c90dl wrote

Take care of your teeth and you'll get laid. So many still don't understand this concept.


Somehow-Still-Living t1_j1cvk7g wrote

Some understand the concept of it (and general hygiene) up until they get laid a few times by one person, then stop because they’ve achieved the goal of relationship. Then wonder they don’t get laid anymore.


wynntari t1_j1cbgud wrote

This is the best plain language explanation of natural selection and evolution I've ever seen, I want ALL of them to be in this format.


nicuramar t1_j1dqp4c wrote

Myeah, but then the problem is that such expansions would often be oversimplified.


ZZ9ZA t1_j1ds0bb wrote

Do we know if this is still true in species like crocodiles that freely lose/regrow teeth?