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winterspan t1_j4jryv8 wrote

If you get the PrEP shots, you DO NOT receive the immunoglobulin (which is multiple injections into and around the wound(s)).

Also, PrEP is now two shots, not three, at least in the USA.


tonniecat t1_j4kid54 wrote

Yup - and those hurt when you get the bites in your fingertips. Note: wear gloves when rescuing bats of the street...


Supabongwong t1_j4kqxoq wrote

Where, Wuhan?

^(don't get mad at me, I'm Chinese)


tonniecat t1_j4kr4sx wrote, im in Denmark ;) 25% of our bat populations have rabies. The doctor told me im one of the 2-3 persons a year that gets the treatment for a bat-bite.


Dawnzergivesleelight t1_j4ksnja wrote

Can I just confirm you mean “serious gloves” not medical nitrile gloves, correct?


tonniecat t1_j4ksrof wrote

Im thinking workgloves - cant see medical gloves doing much good preventing a bite