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im_thatoneguy t1_j51pb6h wrote

I believe that's still a point of interest without a definitive answer. There are studies which showthere is circulating spike protein. There are studies which show similar levels of S Protein circulation between vaccination and infection. But there are also studies showing that infection causes higher rates of myocarditis. Both could be true (Spike Protein could be one cause of myocarditis and the higher rates of myocarditis in infected patients being due to compounding causes in addition to the circulating S protein.) But I don't think there is even a definitive answer yet on whether the spike proteins are exclusively responsible for all of the vaccine induced myocarditis.


YouAreGenuinelyDumb t1_j51wjrb wrote

Thank you for the links and answer!

I wonder if the LNP’s may be behind some of the cases. There was a possible vaccine-induced myocarditis in the Novavax trial, which are LNPs with recombinant protein S. Although the the fact that it contains protein S may be confounding.