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Nayfonn t1_ja2nhhp wrote

Never fear, police cat is here


Pinkgabezo t1_ja33nvq wrote

Don't mess with top cop. It's the one with fur.


daiblo1127 t1_ja44zhw wrote

I can't decide who is the most adorable of the duo!! You made me smile from ear to ear today! I love that little cat-hat!


ExistingEffort7 t1_ja6aoc3 wrote

If you include all Asian countries that have jobs for cats, how many different kinds of jobs could a cat do in Asia? I wonder what the cat unemployment rate is.

Follow up question. It may be complete coincidence that all the cat jobs I've ever encountered happened to be in Asia. I would welcome information about any place that a cat can hold a job.


_GoldenMonkey_ t1_ja3ewb7 wrote

Hopefully he's not in the Lingnan region, if so that dudes prolly about to eat that cat.