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FlyWereAble t1_j9k5w4i wrote

This is hilarious, your profile is too, your pet cow is very cute, I must say :)

Constipated is when you haven't pooped for a few days and it gets stuck


23357 OP t1_j9k60hv wrote

Thank you very much

Ah, the Cat seems to look rather sour haha


MotherOfHippos t1_j9lthtg wrote

Omg I’m using this forever now when dealing with a constipated animal or human


D-life t1_j9o1sp3 wrote

Prunes. Lots of prunes! He will be back to himself in no time.


erbr t1_j9nk3sh wrote

How to get me to check a profile in 3 simple words "your pet *"