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maxiums t1_jada2ck wrote

Dude you blurred everyone's face but the dog, what if the dog gets a stalker now. Jesus, buddy think it through next time. /s


GreyFox474 t1_jac0zxs wrote

And he is fucking right! Who doesn't include their dog in a family picture??!


mack-_-zorris t1_jad2g8v wrote

Wow, it's incredible how much you all look alike!


throw964 t1_jacdcvt wrote

My brother in christ why was your dog excluded from a family photo


dagthegnome t1_jacx4p3 wrote

Hercule is wondering why all these humans are standing around doing nothing and yet not one of them can be bothered to pick up his ball and throw it.


ember428 t1_jacavwf wrote

And he absolutely should!! 💯


Marchoftees t1_jad8anw wrote

It was a mistake to blur their faces. Now we are going to make them up ourselves.

Guy in the solid blue shirt definitely has a mullet and talks excessively about engineering with a Southern accent.


ThePLARASociety t1_jad0dcy wrote

He’s saying, this is my pack and I am so proud of them.


FluffyMcBunnz t1_jac2y99 wrote

This is the Dutchest image on Reddit right now.

Braaf hondje.


Berenbos OP t1_jac3buc wrote

Belgian 😉 Maar hij is zeer braaf!


soverit42 t1_jac2awy wrote

Of course he did. It was rude of you to exclude him in the first place! /s


Pjstjohn t1_jaccegd wrote

Why the /s? It is fucking rude. Why is he not part of the family?


FudderShudders t1_jacwhha wrote

Dogs belong in family pictures...even if it isn't your dog...


fulthrottlejazzhands t1_jaecdq3 wrote

My dog is named Hércule also! It's a bit of a misnomer as he only weighs 20lbs when wet.

We do like correcting people that he's Belgian when they jokingly ask if he's French.


MrCowBells t1_jael141 wrote

I know this family... they're the Minecrafts down the street from me.


Independent_Ad_5664 t1_jadn7io wrote

Ummm herc wants privacy too. Consider blurring his face in future photo posts. :)


CleaveIshallnot t1_jaeh6ss wrote

"Staged", it indeed would've been, if dog hadn't showed up.

Herc saved the day.


tandfwilly t1_jaek994 wrote

He is family and makes the pic special


OsamaBinFuckin t1_jaeubkq wrote

The genes are strong. You guys have really similar features.


Butterdonie t1_jaeuqgi wrote

Dogs are family, too. If my, you shouldn’t get one. It’s obvious y’all just forgot to include him. Glad he corrected you.


[deleted] t1_jac5zqj wrote

Well, after all, it is a family picture 🤷🏽‍♂️


adult_icarus t1_jadca2k wrote

I hope hercule gets a brother named buu


LovesickwithGSDs t1_jadly5q wrote

Hercule has the right idea and great pose for the family pic


AholeBrock t1_jacactm wrote

Crazy that the whole family just casually was standing in a line for the candid, unstaged pic


Berenbos OP t1_jacaoqv wrote

Hercule's photobombing wasn't staged. Obviously the family in the picture is.


botjstn t1_jacc0ge wrote

in their defense, reading comprehension is hard


AholeBrock t1_jacpi32 wrote

Sorry the joke wasnt clear to you. Look at how the first sentence on the post is constructed. Read it. Try to comprehend the fact that the subject of the sentence isnt actually clarified. Once you can handle that you will comprehend the joke.


brettyrocks t1_jachyiz wrote

Aww, you tried. A for effort 👍


AholeBrock t1_jaci4cz wrote

it was actually a candid comment. Didn't have to try at all just happened


brettyrocks t1_jaci9wj wrote

Lackluster follow through, so that's a C+.


AholeBrock t1_jacinuj wrote

You are my favorite substitute teacher


brettyrocks t1_jacivvd wrote

That's one of the nicest things I've heard in a long time. fr fr. Thanks. 😁