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gin_and_toxic t1_jab2zxf wrote



Poet_Less t1_jab4llg wrote

Lol I thought they were connected 🤣


WorthABean OP t1_jab59e5 wrote

They pretty much are haha. We joke that they're synchronized - everything they do is simultaneous including bowel movements, sleeping, waking up, etc!


globaleu t1_jabsqkj wrote

If it is so then they are not fosters they might be twins, doing this cute act of innocence.


azlan194 t1_jacggsk wrote

Aren't all puppies and kittens twins if they belong to the same litter?


MrsAnthropy t1_jaeju2w wrote

Yes, all dogs in a litter are fraternal; two would be like twins, three would be triplets, and so on. Identical twins (from the same egg) in dogs are incredibly rare.


WalrusByte t1_jabewtm wrote

I was totally like "No way, a 2-headed dog!". Thought they were two thirds of the way to being a Cerberus!


dallashf t1_jabu4j0 wrote

Oh com'om man, he have mentioned in that the two foster ones, if they are foster they are different from the whole. Am I getting it right or just mixing up the name with a word.


WalrusByte t1_jacwqjn wrote

I think foster just means that they're rescues. I mostly hear it used for humans. A foster child is a child who has to be under the care of someone other than their parents, usually because their biological parents were abusive or otherwise irresponsible. So I'm guessing it means a similar thing with dogs.

They did mention that they're two of them, but often when there are two-headed animals it's a result of twins combining together in the womb. So they are technically individuals that are just fused together.


Versal-Hyphae t1_jad21r5 wrote

Fostering with animals means that the animal is up for adoption, but instead of staying at a shelter they spend their time living with a foster family in their home. The family is only taking care of them until they get adopted, so they won’t stay forever (unless it’s a “foster fail” where the foster family decides to adopt the animal themselves), but it helps the animal get used to living with people in a home. It’s useful for puppies and kittens to learn how to be good house pets at a young age, for elderly animals that need special care there isn’t time or staff for at the shelter, for traumatized animals that need a quieter and calmer place to recover from whatever difficulties they faced before being adoptable, etc.


Dr_Bitchcraft8 t1_jaf2wb0 wrote

I got downvoted for jokingly calling them conjoined pitties 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄


TheShadowBow t1_jaco85w wrote

Hahahaha, they are just forcing each other to get the meal first, who will get the first part.


ForgetfulLucy28 t1_jac2q9i wrote


Good luck with that


Careless_Hellscape t1_jad1ehi wrote

Right, 2 of my 3 dogs were fosters that I couldn't give up. Not getting attached is so friggin hard.


RuairiSpain t1_jadi95y wrote

We had 4 dogs and 1 foster. Now we have 5 dogs.


Careless_Hellscape t1_jaditcr wrote

Dude, I was just about to keep a 4th. For some reason, I do so bad with separation in winter (which is when I fostered all three dogs in reference, but different years). This most recent puppy was confiscated from some horrible people. She was bones when we took her in and I got so attached. Luckily my sister-in-law adopted her so I still get to see her. Otherwise I'd have not been able to give her up.


RuairiSpain t1_jadqmz0 wrote

Good to know, fostering is hard. My wife and I are wimps when it comes to saying goodbye.

We get our dogs from the shelter, been a few years since we last visited 🤔


WorthABean OP t1_jabd5ho wrote


[deleted] t1_jadidyb wrote

I love them, where are you located, can I adopt them?


tolthunder t1_jabxsyp wrote

I swear! I was so confused at the initial picture until you got a side angle. I still thought they were cojointed! 😅


apocalyssa t1_jab8dn6 wrote

Awww! are their names foster and fail?? :)


kommaduher t1_jac9j0i wrote

Wait is this the name, foster and fail. oh poor little innocent foster and fails. Don't tickle me for taking the other meaning of foster.


abaye23 t1_jad1wd5 wrote

They are damn cute man, is it the labra breed, I always wanna pet some but my parents won't allow me.


Anxious-derkbrandan t1_jad92za wrote

They are cute but I’d be super careful with sending them to the same home. Littermate syndrome is a real thing and can mess up a dog big time.


WorthABean OP t1_jad9j9v wrote

Yup yup. We've been gradually separating them more and more in anticipation of this


veggeroni t1_jaazdue wrote

Awwww! I hope they get adopted together!


waxbook t1_jaciic8 wrote

OP, you could make this a reality!

Edit: what’s wrong with hoping OP keeps them both?


ShelleyTambo t1_jad9ana wrote

Some shelters/rescues discourage this or don't allow it because of the possibility of littermate syndrome.


waxbook t1_jad9sey wrote

Oh.. what’s littermate syndrome?


Kitchen-Impress-9315 t1_jadnubc wrote

Isn’t this most often an issue with young puppies? I’d think they wouldn’t want to foster together for too long either, as completely adorable as this is.


Fenix_Volatilis t1_jabcd9u wrote

Yes, officer these two right here. They're the thieves. (of my god damn heart)


aaronprichard79 t1_jad7298 wrote

Are you sure they are the culprits who have stolen your sleep. where are my hand cuff, taking them with me now.


i-love-k9 t1_jaf0o5i wrote

Are they conjoined twins?


diarvom t1_jadpg7y wrote

Are they hugging? So cute


Knysiok t1_jact3ms wrote

They look like one organism


GambitKOhearts t1_jacuhtz wrote

That’s a Cerberus pup. Minus one


Ok_Dog_4059 t1_jad1dy0 wrote

They are so beautiful.


2guys4dogs t1_jadjfs2 wrote



wtf36963 t1_jaefefp wrote

Lord save can any creatures be that cute?!?gif


garry4321 t1_jaemhzx wrote

"OOOOH dry bits of old rejected meat mixed with ash and wheat.... GIVE THAT TO MEEEEEE"


Kinenai t1_jad867z wrote

Cerberus is so excited he lost one of his wee heads.


shyguy__22 t1_jadi6qs wrote

Dats some kodak camera reel moment from 90's.. ! Super cute.. !


karmaisourfriend t1_jadizlb wrote

I don't understand... What are they doing on the floor of all places instead of snuggled in your arms? Who could go a minute without giving them kisses ?:-) img


graduate-1998 t1_jac3ods wrote

It looks like they are connected to each other


reneeb64 t1_jacpj5a wrote

They would so make me a foster fail. 💜


OMGOODNESSWTF t1_jacs28z wrote

Cuteness overload. My ❤💙💜💖💗💘❤💙 is exploding.


FlyingFlyboy t1_jacsggy wrote

One head short of cerebrus. Oh wait there's Orthros


TacoFox19 t1_jad77va wrote

Ahhh!! 😍😍


skeptobpotamus t1_jadttka wrote

They look conjoined! Very cute.


_ItsAllenNotAlan t1_jabe2t9 wrote

They are both adorable. I predict a foster fail


phoenick0605 t1_jacacd2 wrote

Harry Potter: The Rise of Fluffy


mariboo_xoxo t1_jachnjm wrote

Awe…aren’t they the cutest lil’ puppies.


AwkwardnessForever t1_jacqg7g wrote

Thank you for fostering. It’s so hard to let them go but so rewarding when you are able to place them in a great home and watch them grow rather than imagine the lives they could have had without rescue!!


Hilzrswimmin t1_jacrg58 wrote

The cutest little Dobbies <3


Jumpin-Jebus t1_jac6qqq wrote

They would not be 'foster' for long if I saw them...


f700es t1_jacesjp wrote

OMG! I'd give them anything they wanted!


Thundersson1978 t1_jacpta5 wrote

So gorgeous with the blue eyes. Puppies are the best


sgttedsworth t1_jabohq0 wrote

Lookit those little dudes all smushed together!


marleewesst t1_jac35j3 wrote

Aww those face took my heart


matttech88 t1_jac7glf wrote

One lil face short of a Cerberus pup


AlamutJones t1_jacgpb7 wrote

Feed those boys literally anything they want


CapG_13 t1_jabz3ue wrote



newaccount721 t1_jac01oe wrote

They are asking very sweetly though!

This is the most bizarre downvotes I've ever received. I just said the puppies were asking for food nicely. Calm down.


BoredByLife t1_jabvte7 wrote

Thought they were conjoined twins and got concerned about their wellbeing.


govhholp2 t1_jabitbw wrote

Omg! I loves these poopies!😍


apelsin2014 t1_jadf6gw wrote

Are you seeing the poops of these cute puppieesss, damn your poopee mind thing bro.


soanxiouss t1_jabgw69 wrote

they’re soo cute 🥰


SPARKYLOBO t1_jacjdwr wrote

Are they r/velvethippos? And may I have them?


[deleted] t1_jadijli wrote

They look like hippo mixes! Leave one for me.


GoodDogsMatter t1_jab545r wrote

If I didn't already have 4 rescue dogs, I would adopt them! 😍


Trisamitops t1_jabfdoo wrote

Aww! I swear I looked at this picture and I could smell puppies.


KatieHayes22 t1_jaazrts wrote

awwww SO CUTE!!!


WorthABean OP t1_jaazv0z wrote

We think so too! Don't let them fool you, they're tiny terrors lol


[deleted] t1_jadferb wrote

They’re puppies. Adorable poop machines.


2D617 t1_jabc81r wrote

So sweet!


mymoochi t1_jabfdzs wrote

I can't resist myself to pet them


LadyDeath1138 t1_jacibvi wrote

Here before the rage baiters completely take over. These puppies are so damn cute! I want them so bad!


[deleted] t1_jademiy wrote

I was also pleasantly surprised by the lack of hate comments. Hope it stays that way.


LadyDeath1138 t1_jadl903 wrote

Well, the number of downvotes on my comment says it won't, but they can seethe for however long they please. It doesn't change anything.

These innocent puppies are too precious to turn away from.


[deleted] t1_jadm59q wrote

They’re just jealous because we’re so much better than them; we have lives and touch grass. They crap on adorable puppies.


rectangular_ t1_jacmyev wrote

I love pits and I hate the fact that people think they’re the only dog that can hurt someone


[deleted] t1_jaderqj wrote

I was told by a hater that my trauma didn’t happen because I was bitten by a dog that wasn’t a pit.


LadyDeath1138 t1_jadllaj wrote

They'll say anything to support their cause.


[deleted] t1_jadmb5w wrote

“I’m sure that dog that but you was part pit” it was a purebred chow chow.


LadyDeath1138 t1_jadmr8a wrote

I was bitten by a small dog, too. It tried to pull me off my bike, along with two other small dogs. I meannI rode away just fine, but it's ridiculous. It's been so long I no longer remember the breed, but the point, of course, was that aggression is not exclusive to pibbles.


[deleted] t1_jadnv1q wrote

Yeah. To my knowledge innate HA is not present in any modern, well-bred dog breed, except maybe Filas. Unfortunately a lot of pit bulls and small dogs like chihuahuas are carelessly bred and owned. Well-bred, well trained dogs seldom cause problems.


evilocto t1_jabz3lk wrote

They're absolutely adorable

Edit: I see that Karen brigade arrived get a life you lot.


[deleted] t1_jadjh1p wrote

Imagine being so butthurt that you downvote every positive or neutral comment on a post of cute puppies. Pitbull haters need to touch some grass. I agree, they’re precious and I want them.


evilocto t1_jadjl56 wrote

It's truly pathetic isn't it how sad they are.


[deleted] t1_jadjwub wrote

Extremely pathetic. Into oblivion we’ll be downvoted together. epic handshake


myispsucksreallybad t1_jac4mu1 wrote

Bad little dogs. Just the rottenest of rotten.


rectangular_ t1_jacmq2a wrote

Bro every pitbull isn’t bad. Other dogs also attack people


myispsucksreallybad t1_jacogzu wrote

You really think I’m calling them bad dogs? How dense are you?


rectangular_ t1_jactloj wrote

My bad bro, thanks to most people being very hateful here I don’t realize some comments are jokes


myispsucksreallybad t1_jacy27c wrote

I figured that, and unfortunately some people are evil so I know where you were coming from. I have a pit bull snuggled up next to me.


rectangular_ t1_jad3oxh wrote

Man pitbulls are one of the biggest teddy bears lol


[deleted] t1_jadj1df wrote

Staffies and pits. Beagles are pretty good too.


Zinthaniel t1_jabs2r8 wrote

Pit Bulls have the perfect snouts for kissing, like top tier above all other dogs - In my personal opinion.


[deleted] t1_jadipm6 wrote

They’re very boopable too, in my experience.


Zinthaniel t1_jadwmxd wrote

that too is true, unfortunately for you must now join me in r/aww corner of time-out for liking those little monsters.


[deleted] t1_jae3lij wrote

Nah, the haters deserve the time out, we’re much better than them and they know it.


theanimalman678 t1_jac321e wrote

Didn’t have to add the in my personal opinion.., because it’s a fact😂


kat-deville t1_jabhumg wrote



[deleted] t1_jac6sij wrote



EZLN-scout t1_jaf15rk wrote

Hmmm, i wonder why the comments that dont align witb your agenda were deletdd and the users banned?