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mindprince39 t1_j9qs1bs wrote

My mom had to use a ferret harness for her chihuahua.


blahblahbush t1_j9qnd2t wrote

Cat harness?


KingArfer t1_j9qoy8a wrote

Kitten harness?


boxster_ t1_j9rwsl9 wrote

My vet recommended a ferret harness at one point for a teeny kitten


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9sdah4 wrote

Def will look into one! Most of his toys are cat toys as the dog ones are too big 🫠


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9ra2lj wrote

Thank you everyone! I’ll look into the kitten ones and ferret ones!!


UVA1984 t1_j9rna59 wrote

A pocket puppy!❤️🐶🫠


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9ro57u wrote

1.12 pounds at vet visit last week🥹


BitFantastic3742 t1_j9smiz2 wrote

My guinea pigs are heavier than your dog lol My heaviest is at 1200g which according to Google is 2.65 pounds


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9som4p wrote

Omg they are!😯 he’s only 11 weeks so he has a long way to go ☺️


BitFantastic3742 t1_j9suiwf wrote

He honestly doesn't even look much bigger either! So funny, but harnesses for bunnies probably won't be comfortable for a dog. I thought about those. Very unhealthy for rabbits, but if the ferret harnesses are too big, you could try out those.


HowIsThatMyProblem t1_j9qyhdn wrote

The Curli Vest Harness is available in 3XS, but no idea if that's smaller than the one you currently have.


beethebeagle t1_j9rush8 wrote

Just wash it and dry it a few times and it might shrink


bluenosepit t1_j9sfls2 wrote

You could find a spicy one at any adult store with a NSFW sign along any frontage road near any highway between TX and Minnesota. Hope you got a good laugh 😂 cheers!!


inkstainedgoblin t1_j9skirg wrote

When my chihuahua was still growing, I got a ferret harness for him. Worked great!


AnimalAllusion t1_j9slfig wrote

Gotta just not trim the fur too short. I’d be nervous about stepping on that pup or have a Robin carry it away. Hard for a small pup in a big pups world.


ThaWarlord33 t1_j9un8z6 wrote

Possibly try Etsy...? You might come across some clever artsy person who can custom, or who has specialty stuff, etc...

My wife -- who is freakin amazing -- would hand-knit one from scratch if you lived next door... (:

Doggy beyond adorable: good luck!!


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9v23zy wrote

Oh esty is a great suggestion as well! Maybe I should become your new neighbor!🤣🤗 & thank you!


ZealousidealWin3177 t1_j9rj3jw wrote

Try Jimmy rigging one with xxsm kids thick clothes then sew harness on back maybe


Economics_Alone t1_j9s315o wrote

The smaller they are the more murderous the personality, so I must ask. How many attempts on your life have been made so far?


Constant-Purchase-99 OP t1_j9sd4zz wrote

None on mine but he’s tried jumping off the couch a few times which is the equivalent of me skydiving with no parachute 😅


Loreo1964 t1_j9sd8lk wrote

Guinea pig harness.


hollyjazzy t1_j9spxcy wrote

Try a rabbit harness.


SallyRoseD t1_j9sxhrz wrote

Maybe someone who sews can make one.


dranaei t1_j9t6ulz wrote

Why does your mouse need a harness?


colemon1991 t1_j9tlt51 wrote

One human hand, any size.

That's not getting out of a hand.


azpilot06 t1_j9tmnq5 wrote

I know a guy, but you’re gonna have to act cool.

The stuff he’s selling is…

Looks around

Illegally smol.


KitkatPOG t1_j9u6wek wrote

Awww that’s such a cute doggo tho


_Um-Why-tho_ t1_j9ufviv wrote

Jokes on us. That’s a fake dog. It’s a stuffed animal. It’s not even real.


NemesisGRA t1_j9ujqvx wrote

I’ve also recommended the ones they sell for toys, such as at Build A Bear and such. Sometimes the ones for ferrets and cats aren’t shaped right for tiny dogs and they slip off or just chafe them. There are also teeny ones made for toy breeds that you can find at Petco often, or definitely online


TheUltimatRedditor t1_j9uugtv wrote

FINALLY a post where some comment isn’t about how the dog is bred or bought or whatever.


Flutecat t1_j9qnwwq wrote

Guess you'll have to learn to be a Taylor and do it yourself...


bmayer0122 t1_j9sa2t3 wrote

Have you tried some protein powder mixed with mayo? Give that a couple of weeks and you should have the right harness.


Fallacy_Spotted t1_j9scfoe wrote

Have you ever thought "Would wolves have befriended people if they knew how badly they would have been betrayed or how much of a mockery we would have made of their very being?". I haven't until just now but I think they would have been pissed.