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needsomelovings t1_j96ypt3 wrote

I was scared to look at the comments after seeing her hijab and the responses to wholesome posts I’ve seen that feature Muslims but I’m so pleasantly surprised!!


parchmentandpencils t1_j9780zp wrote

Same! Im kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop as i scroll through the comments


CleaveIshallnot t1_j97twq6 wrote

I'm saddened to know that a fellow human feared posts due to the (inconsequential, I wish) hijab & had to be surprised there wasn't a bunch of hate & insults.

While rational, justified & thus completely understandable - that still just undeservedly sucks.

Hopefully such things will change. Eventually.

Meanwhile, ✌🏽✌🏼✌🏿