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Inner_Brush9324 t1_je0751j wrote

He's absolutely beautiful. I just put down my all white turkish van. They're personalities are as unique as their white coats.


BigJSunshine t1_je09sbs wrote

Wonderful! My cousin once had a fully deaf kitty, white with 2 blue eyes, just like your beautiful baby. We always made sure to step a bit harder in the halls and rooms we were entering so kitty could feel the vibration of our walk, and we never allowed anyone to approach kitty from behind, so as not to startle him. Her other kitties were super protective of him. It will be a loving and lovely experience!


burkle1990 t1_je1db5w wrote

White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf. Even if only one eye is blue the corresponding side is deaf.


goboxey t1_je0x1w4 wrote

What a beautiful cat


Dapper-Appearance-42 t1_je0uhx6 wrote

Gorgeous! Thank you for not overlooking home and giving him a home.


Etvlan t1_je1welp wrote

So cool, two months ago, I adopted a fifteen years old female cat that is blind and I'm now monitoring the situation 24/7 because sparks fly between her and my three years old cat, Pixel.


TheThomasWright t1_je4097u wrote

White persian?

I have a white persian with blue eyes who is deaf. Im told its common for them.

Be prepared to have the strangest cat ever by the way. Next to nothing will startle him. He will probably love anything that vibrates. Mine rides the vacuum cleaner and lets me vaccum her hair. And be prepared to hear your cat screaming in agony randomly at 4 am. Not because he is in pain, just because he has no idea what he sounds like and will have no volume control πŸ˜…


baddierosex t1_je76mwd wrote

He’s so handsome 😍😍