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Purple_burglar_alarm t1_je8xzl6 wrote

Solid pet naming!!


egemen157 OP t1_je8y46b wrote

Thank you! We still are not sure of sex of the baby, but my wife and I agreed if its a boy its going to be Roquefort and if its a girl its going to be Labne, which is cream cheese in turkish. And I am manifesting for the baby to be a boy 😅


Aryeh987 t1_je8yfa8 wrote

"Roquefort? Isn't that a smelly kind of a cheese?"

-Porthos the Pirate


egemen157 OP t1_je8yjwp wrote

We didn't know Cheddar was pregnant when we adopted her 2 months ago, and the baby "blue" us away


megadori t1_je96h2v wrote

Uh cat pregnancy lasts about two months, what did they do with the cats where you adopted her from, just let the unspayed females and unfixed males be together in the same area?


egemen157 OP t1_je97d6c wrote

No she was about to go to a shelter when we found her in a vet clinic of a government owned university. Apparently she fell from 5th floor of an apartment and someone took her there, we have her for 2 months now but she gave birth about 14 days ago, and our estimation was she got pregnant about 5 days prior to her adoption


egemen157 OP t1_je97ogm wrote

And the vet called for a c section because she had some leaks and they thought labor has started, we waited a day so that she could deliver naturally but she didn't so they did a c section. But the baby might have been premature and the leak might have been due to something else (there was another kitten which was a still born it might have caused the problem)


megadori t1_je98bzm wrote

Poor thing, first to fall out a window, get knocked up, then birth troubles and surgery. Hope that's been enough pain for her and the rest of her life will be awesome in your home <3


ObligationOutside206 t1_jeae7wx wrote

I wish I had an award to give you awesome human!!! I just watched that movie the other day and Porthos is my most favorite character lol


sovietmcdavid t1_je9so70 wrote

Cute! Just the one baby ?


egemen157 OP t1_je9vh87 wrote

Just the one baby, she was pregnant for two but the other was a stillborn, and the reason why she was only pregnant for two is probably because she is a one year old tricolor stray, that has been our conclusion


Wanderful-Woman t1_jecplbd wrote

We took in a pregnant stray we were feeding (thought she was already fixed, turned out she was young and hadn’t had her first heat yet). She also gave birth to two kittens. One we found a home for, and we kept her and the other kitten. Got them all fixed. Such a wonderful thing to experience.


baddierosex t1_jead4bj wrote

She looks so protective 😻


egemen157 OP t1_jead8bp wrote

She is! We try to pet roquefort but she just meows until we leave it alone and then she aggresively licks it!


scalectrix t1_je99tbu wrote

'Rocky' for short, right?


kevnmartin t1_jea9i8e wrote

Beautiful girls! Did she just have the one? Our totrtie's mom also only had one kitten.


egemen157 OP t1_jean6i7 wrote

I guess we can conclude torties doesnt like to share a womb, sample size two is enough heh


kevnmartin t1_jeapwh8 wrote

Torties don't like to share anything. According to my Elizabeth, everything is HERS.


Hyperf0cused t1_jeajv7w wrote

This cheesy story melted my heart.


badassnan t1_jea8ut3 wrote

Love the names, two darlings they are


seaanemoneenemy t1_jeann5c wrote

Adorable baby and mum! Please say y’all are getting her spayed.


egemen157 OP t1_jeanwk6 wrote

She had to have a c section so since they cut her open we said might aswell remove the womb heh


ThaWarlord33 t1_jeatrmy wrote

Roquefort may have set a new world record for most completely, utterly, perfect name!!!

Like, ever....! (:

Adorable little crumble...cheers!!


Ok_Mixture4361 t1_jeblezw wrote

Looks like your Calico gave birth to a Tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell’s are female


egemen157 OP t1_jebljzc wrote

Yeah some other commenter said the same, but I think I got my wife to agree to the name Roquefort regardless of the sex!


Cellswells t1_jebpjf1 wrote

Beautiful cheese fam 🤍


random420x2 t1_jec5jxr wrote

We were feeding and taking care of a kitten who wasn't feral, had been abandoned in the street. We saw Bernard 3 or 4 times a day in our yard for months. Until BERNARD snuck her one tiny tiny kitten into our garage. So much for no cat law I had made. Our Vets were loving the story and even started calling Bernard "The Kitten who had a Kitten. " My wife was in a store, ran into one of the vet techs who called her husband over and said, "This is the lady I was telling you about". Husband turns my wide and said "THE KITTEN WHO HAD A KITTEN?" Smal part of a story that captivated my mom's entire Elder Living community for a year.


mizgaz t1_jeayis5 wrote

Pretty cheesy.


waetherman t1_jecwan0 wrote

Feta! Gouda! Chevre! Frommage!


msorry93962004 t1_jedpdll wrote

Really nice photo and kitten is so cute 😍