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PredatorRanger OP t1_je0jxyb wrote

Yup 😂 That fat gargoyle was a severely wounded street cat when we adopted her; she's definitely food insecure, so she helps herself whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Fit_Cause2944 t1_je2a01k wrote

I love her too! That marking on her face is just like the emoji: 🫤 Hee!


OutcomeDouble t1_je1gbq4 wrote

I hope they’re on a diet


PredatorRanger OP t1_je1wppu wrote

It's a constant work in progress. Turn your back on one, and they start eating someone else's food...or sometimes the dogs' food gif


dodge2015 t1_je2o41n wrote

I'm not sure if it helps or not...but I recently talked to someone who uses automatic feeders, they said it helped. I have to feed mine in separate rooms because one will push the other out of her food. I do get the mentality though. I found Nugget in the woods and for the rest of his life, making sure he HAD food was always the first thing he did upon waking...Always.


PredatorRanger OP t1_je4sn2s wrote

Thanks for the suggestion! We had a feeder that was keyed to a collar tag - unfortunately, only one of our cats will voluntarily wear a collar. The others would either slip out, or get their claws stuck in it until we helped. Definitely an idea to revisit soon!