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Icy_Note_8154 t1_je0fzvi wrote

"I bet you're wondering why we have gathered you here today"


marasydnyjade t1_je0i7wr wrote

Hello, walking can opener - I mean, owner, we have some complaints.


Jurtaani t1_je0iic2 wrote

This is my cats every time I've been seeing other cats or worse, a dog.


Klotzster t1_je0ik3s wrote

Teach us the secret of the can opener


kittyKravings t1_je0j14e wrote

They’re gonna talk to you about ur addiction to cats 😂


zueu t1_je0lh9s wrote

They're probably planning to take over your house.


karensmiles t1_je0m04m wrote

I love the very cross look on chonky to the right!


akaZilong t1_je0ncfd wrote

The sad look of the cat in the middle … “I can stop the catnip anytime if I want to …”


AmandaGwen11 t1_je0phz8 wrote

"We all just want u to know that we all love u very much, buuut..."


algebramclain t1_je0u6gl wrote

“We found a baggie of cat nip in your nightstand. We love you and want you to know you can discuss anything with us. Also, we’d like some.”


AnaisKarim t1_je0wukh wrote

Which one is getting the tough love though? I can't decide. 😭😂

The one is the chair looks very uncomfortable. 🤣🥰


SleepyAlium t1_je0xwi3 wrote

I had to zoom in because I was like “ah! Cats! 😍” but now I’m giggling at work because the one on the left(orange and white) looks super concerned or just shocked and it’s just too cute 😭


botjstn t1_je12tab wrote

“there are too many of us, we are worried about you”


ninja_ninetales_909 t1_je15iux wrote

Jane. We care about you alot. That is why we have all gatherd here today. Would you please vuy us more chicken this week.. otherwise we will spray shit your entire house and vomit in the rug. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. We hope you make the right one.


its_justme t1_je15jpd wrote

Cat 1: “And…I…still…love you”

Cat 2: meoooooooooooow


Vyxen17 t1_je1645o wrote

It's like you're facing the guild for judgement may their verdicts always be swift and 5 clawed


crisperstorm t1_je17cuf wrote

The one in the chair is about to take the distraction as an opportunity


mymemesnow t1_je19zvz wrote

Flussy, you need to get off the catnip, you hurt us all with your behavior.


Throat_Such t1_je1c1v0 wrote

The cat on the right "excuse me mom, I'm trying to have a meeting here!". The orange and white cat " Mom thank God you're here! That big guy over there is trying to start trouble! But I love you Mom!" The cat on the chair " I thought we were supposed to be getting catnip for coming to this thing! Where is it?" The cat in the back "I am sorry mom! I know I shouldn't have come. But I was afraid that big guy would sit on me! I'm so ashamed!"


AsWeirdAsCanBe t1_je1exz9 wrote

They are having a meeting on how to take over the world! Or maybe just how to get some extra treats haha :)


wrenderme t1_je1g9n6 wrote

You know what time it is, now come on and get with it.


APuffyCloudSky t1_je1gcvk wrote

"Your habit of buying the cheap treats has affected us in the following ways...."


Would_daver t1_je1ifn6 wrote

We've been meaning to ask you... What have you done with our uteruses?!?


420blazeit69nubz t1_je1kzc4 wrote

Pretty sure you just walked into a gang initiation and you’re the first innocent bystander they saw


BowzersMom t1_je1r20h wrote

C’mon, it’s obvious that they’ve decided dinner is late and you need to fix it immediately. That’s it. Even though dinner isn’t supposed to be for another hour or two.


Fred2718 t1_je1sdq4 wrote

Pred. What would you do here?


Ghozer t1_je1t4gy wrote

Poor cat in the middle, looks like it's being bullied.... :(


Reasonable-Goal3755 t1_je1tkcu wrote

What is it with these creatures? Whenever you walk in on them they always look like they're in the middle of a call to the mothership 🤣


MegaVenomous t1_je1ucih wrote

"If it would please the Court, may I present Exhibit illegallydumhooman..."


r1char00 t1_je231yp wrote

“We would like a word with the manager.”


voluntold9276 t1_je24fhg wrote

OMG. Your cat on the dresser? I have his twin. Same cute gray nose sploosh.


ReincarnatedInc t1_je24r7o wrote

"It''s about the Tuna, Bob. Or rather, the lack of it..."


back2basics13 t1_je26gfi wrote

Those have to be the toughest cats on the block…gifgif


Amarr_Citizen_498175 t1_je28wrc wrote

walk into the room, see this.

"sit down, john. we need to talk about the food situation."


dodge2015 t1_je2o41n wrote

I'm not sure if it helps or not...but I recently talked to someone who uses automatic feeders, they said it helped. I have to feed mine in separate rooms because one will push the other out of her food. I do get the mentality though. I found Nugget in the woods and for the rest of his life, making sure he HAD food was always the first thing he did upon waking...Always.


cheeze_whiz_shampoo t1_je2vjve wrote

Skittles... We need to talk about poop. Unburied, wet poop. Specifically, your unburied, wet poop, in our box... Our box, Skittles.


SnarkIsMyDefault t1_je32fpi wrote

Definitely. Some one has been not covering their Twix bars in the litter box.


seasarahsss t1_je37pm4 wrote

This is getting extremely close to a r/catseance


didyoucurbthewheels t1_je3od54 wrote

Jeff, we need to speak with you real quick about something. Please sit down


mrmagootou t1_je4a93j wrote

Listen here hooman… we know the treats are up inthe top Cabinet, to the left behind the cans of peas. Move real slow like…. And open the cabinet and no one will get scratched. Kapish?


PredatorRanger OP t1_je4sn2s wrote

Thanks for the suggestion! We had a feeder that was keyed to a collar tag - unfortunately, only one of our cats will voluntarily wear a collar. The others would either slip out, or get their claws stuck in it until we helped. Definitely an idea to revisit soon!