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fh3131 t1_jb8wpn3 wrote

Haha this is funny to me because just yesterday, this got posted on several subs with the title saying Cambodia. Now Thailand. My turn to repost this tomorrow as Myanmar


retournee t1_jb9ls12 wrote

Do you recognize the script on the sign? (just curious!)


fh3131 t1_jbb6mby wrote

No, I don't but it looks Thai to me. Also, someone commented yesterday that it's more likely Thailand because they drive on the left, whereas in Cambodia it's on the right


Joks_away t1_jb8z0jj wrote

The Heffalump Pirates - that's the title now go write the story.


Brush_bandicoot t1_jb8wj4x wrote

seems like they learned a thing or two from humanity