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DoktahDoktah t1_iy8gdy5 wrote

Imagine the warmth of being a kitten snuggled between 2 large adult female cats.


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iy8gt1u wrote

We actually had to keep taking Gracie (who is yet to give birth) out of the box for awhile, as Sophia was overheating not long after giving birth. It’s definitely warm in there 😍


Scrabee_ t1_iyaenrn wrote

Please do update when she gives birth 🥺🥺


Brohan9000 t1_iybahjo wrote

What are the cats names?


NEOLittle t1_iybggfh wrote

Gracie and Sophia...


Brohan9000 t1_iybkxzx wrote

One of them looks like one of my old cats that my parents got rid of around March and May. I didn't want him to go but I hope he is in a good home now.


SheBumblebee t1_iycha3f wrote

Old cats are very often put down. That was a very cruel thing to do by your parents


Brohan9000 t1_iycst94 wrote

He actually got adopted by a new family


SheBumblebee t1_iycxclj wrote

Oooh I'm happy to hear that! Still sorry for what you went through though


Brohan9000 t1_iydettm wrote

Yeah it was tough and still miss him to this day but I will always love him


th589 t1_iycrfi3 wrote

How do you tell when a cat is overheating? Do they act differently?


Comeonjeffrey0193 t1_iya2dds wrote

Not just the warmth, imagine how SOFT!


paint_chips_kid t1_iya6c7n wrote

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!


theGreyCatt t1_iy8g71k wrote

If I was OP, I wouldn’t be able to work or eat or change my clothes, I’d just want to be near this beautiful new family all day and watch every adorable thing they do!


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iy8h46b wrote

We’ve had over 70 foster kittens now, so it makes it a bit easier to get on with normal life. This little family is certainly cute though..


DakDuck t1_iy9ucdg wrote

thank you for fostering :D appreciate it a lot


Jlx_27 t1_iyau3ag wrote

You are a good egg. TY for doing what you do!


tefititekaa t1_iyd8hay wrote

You're awesome, and please keep posting pictures!


acbarnes33 t1_iy8cvfp wrote

They're now a pride of lionesses, so cute!


Istorosa t1_iy8mbxv wrote

Beautiful cats! They look so healthy, you are clearly taking amazing care of these ladies. Thank you for all your hard work!


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iy8t52e wrote


It’s been a rough few days but they’re doing well. Onwards to their babies growing up, getting mamas desexed and off to enjoy their lives 🫶


SquishyCatChronicles t1_iybty30 wrote

They're such sweet ladies! Thank you for doing the best for them! Will they only be adopted out as a bonded pair?


AspenShade88 t1_iyaa4ht wrote

They were roommates 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


Zerpdedaderp t1_iy9545g wrote



AmbulanceChaser12 t1_iyb8y0u wrote

I remember in 8th grade Spanish class, my friend raised her hand. When the teacher called on her, she announced, apropos of absolutely nothing, that she suspected her cat was gay.

We all thought it was funny at the time, but apparently this is a real thing. Animals of all species have been observed in same-sex relationships. (OK, it's still kind of funny even in 2022.)


GuineaPigBikini t1_iyf4zow wrote

I definitely knew a pair of gay horses who absolutely had to be together at all times or they'd cry for each other and break things to get back to each other


thepetoctopus t1_iy9stlu wrote

I hope those two lovely mamas are adopted together. Bonded pairs are something.


CedricCicada t1_iyau502 wrote

We had two unspayed female cats when I was in my early teens. They both became pregnant, one a couple weeks before the other. We prepared a box with comfortable sheets for the first to have her kittens in, which she did. We prepared another box for the second cat. When she went into labor, she jumped into the first box. We put her in her own box. She went back. We put her back into the other box. She went back. Finally we just let her have her kittens in the already occupied box. We ended up with seven kittens with two mothers, and nobody knew or cared which belonged to who.


tallgirlmom t1_iybrprl wrote

I once had two female cats, one somehow got out and got pregnant, we fixed the other one real fast but allowed the first one to have her litter. The “auntie” cat got so involved that the kittens tried to nurse on her. She also sometimes tried to steal the kittens, grabbing them and carrying them off.


OhYeahEhWellSorry t1_iy9sebl wrote

now THIS is r/eyebleach right here

We need more updates from these mamas and bebehs


Unique-Avocado t1_iy9c2qx wrote

Probably got the same dead-beat baby daddy


God_Is_Pizza t1_iy8bvte wrote

Y’all are like, Aww how cute, preggo kitties raising their kittens together while ignoring the fact that Rum Tum Tugger is player as fuck.


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iy8c3cx wrote

Sorry, what? 🤣🤣


God_Is_Pizza t1_iy8c7k6 wrote

Rum Tum Tugger is from Cats. Like the rock star of the cats. I’m implying he’s the father of both litters :P


Xoebe t1_iy9zrs6 wrote

Yeah, I think several of us figure they've got the the same baby-daddy. Tom of the Heap.


oscarwinner88 t1_iyas5vy wrote

Has the second mama had her kittens yet? I’ve been following this story and I can’t wait for more babies!


ShadySerengeti-258 t1_iy89d1k wrote

Awww cute.

My two sister- litter mates did that .


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iy89uiu wrote

Sadly it isn’t uncommon for female cats to have litters at same time as those they cohabitate with. So many kittens in the world 😕


Sasquatchjc45 t1_iyah2p1 wrote

Too many kitties and not enough love and shelter for them :( my heart aches when I see the strays on my mail route, but people like you who care for them make me happy <3


MelonLayo t1_iyblnjv wrote

r/bondedpairs I hope they get adopted together once they're spayed and babies have been weaned.


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iycccxk wrote

I’ve mentioned in a few comments they will stay together forever and it will be written into their adoption contracts x


MelonLayo t1_iyd39dt wrote

That's amazing! Will you post more of their journey on here or should I bite the bullet and get Instagram?


blackcatspurplewalls t1_iydk4hc wrote

Not OP, but Instagram is great for cat pictures! I don’t get any garbage on there because I don’t follow anything but cat-focused accounts and tags. 😁


BitchtitsMacGee t1_iyb2f51 wrote

Neighbor’s outdoor barn cats used to live in a pride-like group with multiple momma cats who raised their kittens together. They would also steal kittens from each others nests. Once every couple of months the neighbors would bring around the box o’kittens looking for homes.


hotmasalachai t1_iyac4ff wrote


And this is the best post today 🥹🥹


RC_Cola2005 t1_iyaqx34 wrote

So happy you rescued them. The tabby girl doesn’t look much older than a kitten herself.


darrenwise883 t1_iyawsz4 wrote

Each other's emotional support animal .


Pootie5150 t1_iyb08rx wrote

More pictures please. Want to see the kittens!! Please!! Because cats.


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iyb0knn wrote

Not sure if you have Insta but theres lots of photos of the kittens on chroniclesofmyfosterkittens. But otherwise I will deffs post more kitten photos :)


Pootie5150 t1_iyb1nrg wrote

I do!! I’m going there now!! BTW Thank you for taking them in!! You’re my hero!!


Strickens t1_iyc4s6c wrote

Bisexual cats, we love to see it.


TifCreates t1_iyb3qgt wrote

Names sound be Yin and Yang!


NEOLittle t1_iybge1u wrote

Daily updates please.


OutsideScore990 t1_iybhtft wrote

My girls raised their babies together, and they’re so so bonded now.


Toramenor t1_iybrjr3 wrote

Aw, what a great photo! Those kittens are lucky to have a big family


Dizzy-Concentrate-12 t1_iybsa75 wrote

Cats are really good about raising other's kittens. I've seen it several times


troublesomefaux t1_iybwczx wrote

Will they be interchangeable moms to the kittens or do they seem to know which ones belong to to them?


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iybwiih wrote

One mama hasn’t had her babies yet, so yes - they will interchange kittens and will probably not know who is genetically theirs. It’s very common in cat populations


troublesomefaux t1_iybwlwr wrote

I followed you on IG and sent you a tiny bit of $. Thanks for taking these precious mamas in. 💕


quixotic_mfennec t1_iyc7534 wrote

If those cats could put out an album, I feel like this is what their cover photo would be.


Rexamidalion t1_iybl17t wrote

Don't say it... Don't you say it


IronicJeremyIrons t1_iyc1ps6 wrote

They remind me of my first kitten and her sister.

I also see the tortie baby, which coincidentally I currently have the tortie from the litter


[deleted] t1_iyc7bj4 wrote

Omg lesbikitties!


Equivalent_Metal_534 t1_iycc4s5 wrote

Is there ever an issue with the first litter nursing the milk of the second litter to the point that the second litter is under-developed to a degree?


PupsandKittens1512 OP t1_iyccalr wrote

Great question! No, mamas will make as much milk as is drunk, as long as they have the nutrients available. We just need to make sure she has lots of calorie intake as obviously growing babies and breast feeding at once is a big energy toll. We will also supplement the second little of kittens with colostrum to be sure. It’s certainly not ideal, but it happens in the ‘wild’ and it’s significantly more stressful to seperate the two of them.


Clavister t1_iycfc6l wrote

Oh we need more photos of this love please


Negative_Push_1547 t1_iycumfg wrote

The power of love! Reminds me of the ying yang. A true couple are the complete opposite but fully need and want the same thing . 🖤💗 such love


Momof61309 t1_iyd3g2w wrote

I adopted two sisters who then proceeded to escape the house the night before their spay appointment and both get pregnant. They raised their kittens together in the same box. They moved them together themselves!