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SeekyBoi t1_iybwjgj wrote

You aren’t suppose to touch axolotls, it could damage their slime coat, which’ll make it more prone to various infections


jerrylewisjd t1_iyc4dmx wrote

I googled "touch axolotl" and the internet says you can touch them, but long term touching is no good. This video is probably fine.


SeekyBoi t1_iyc4gqa wrote

It is preferable if there is no touching though, even a small amount might possibly damage the slime coat a bit


Jeff_From_IT t1_iycm5vi wrote

But how could you deny such a sweet boi stone good, good head pats?? Maybe gloves or something?


SeekyBoi t1_iycmen1 wrote

It would be best not to touch it in general unless it’s absolutely necessary (if it needs to go to the vet for a health issue) as to not damage it’s coat


imapie31 t1_iycs7xb wrote

Is there any safe way to touch one or is it always a risk?


Robdd123 t1_iyecsx3 wrote

If your hands are clean (free of perfumes and chemicals) and wet it's no big deal honestly; the slime coat isn't that delicate.

In fact it's actually preferable to transport fish and other aquatic creatures by hand rather than using a net. For smaller fish the net has to be used but bigger fish and axolotls can be picked up.


SeekyBoi t1_iycs9mx wrote

There’s always a risk


imapie31 t1_iycsc9j wrote

Shit, science needs to go further


SeekyBoi t1_iycse89 wrote

Agreed, but in the meantime the risk isn’t worth it


imapie31 t1_iycsi48 wrote

Yeah, itd suck to see one of these little guys with an infection.


NimLizzyB t1_iydubi4 wrote

First of all, your Axolotl is definitely a very cute one.

Secondly, Thank you for educating me that axolotls are like any other animals that love pats🥰...and the way the axolotl responded to the pats are simply ridiculously cute🥰


Tarrell13 t1_iycvntn wrote

Where’d you get that Pokémon from sir…hm


GoAwayLurkin t1_iydulk4 wrote

Axolotls are among the cheerfullest amphibians.


CaptainHindsight92 t1_iyedcjg wrote

Lmao I have 3, as cute as that is he definitely thought oh I'm getting food!


revy222 t1_iydi4nq wrote

Aren’t you not supposed to touch them :(


Vi0letBlues OP t1_iye4708 wrote


As long as you are gentle and not touching them excessively, just like what they did in the vid, you should be fine.


noahspurrier t1_iycjho4 wrote

It thinks the finger might be good.


MystaxMandible t1_iydlt52 wrote

Now, every time I see an axolotl, I’m reminded of the heirloom barrel of lube from Bojack Horseman.

Still, it’s got the cutest little smiley face.


ivyxxking t1_iydqnbj wrote

Happy little merman


carlitospig t1_iyed2h2 wrote

We used to have them as a kid. They always look so happy.