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alientrashkitten t1_iybab83 wrote

What a sweet puff! She reminds me of the kitten in The Aristocats.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybau65 wrote

Ooh my gosh!! I might steal that for next Halloween!! She totally does look like the little girl kitten!! 🥹💖


joen00b t1_iybcskm wrote

You'll have to take my word for it, but I have a Apprenticists Degree in Catology, and that there is one mighty fine kitten that will bring years of joy and companionship to you.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybd9ss wrote

I would trust your word any day! I am absolutely looking forward to the future with her! She’s already got such a playful personality! 😄🙏🖤


ABena2t t1_iyb8y3t wrote

and an adorable one at that. such a cutie


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iyb96am wrote

Thank you so much!! 🥹💚 Her name is Sookie!


ABena2t t1_iyb9q2r wrote

u went looking thru your profile to see if you had any more pics of your kitty. I'm not typically into nails - but damn. That's some amazing stuff you got there. is that all you? as far as designing/painting? or is that just stuff you found online? never saw anything like that.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybar0e wrote

Yes I just got her so I will definitely be posting some more pictures!! I’m so over the moon for her 😭

Omg! Thank you for that! Yes I do all the nail art on my page! I started as a hobby in 2020 and just kept practicing 🙏🥹💚 that totally made my day thank you for that compliment!!


DestroyerOfMils t1_iybu4ry wrote

Holy cow, yeah, your art is FANTASTIC! I can’t believe you’ve only been doing it for two years! You’re so insanely talented, I’m blown away! I feel like you could be a celebrity nail artist! Following you now to see everything that you create in the future!!!!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybx4ho wrote

You are so sweet! 😭🥹🫶 thank you so much for that insanely nice comment! I just love nail art so much! I’ve always loved to make art but I finally get to make wearable art for people, it’s my favorite thing to do 🫶🥹🫂 thank you very much!! I have been trying to film tutorials and nail art regularly, I will definitely be uploading more often!!


ra2eW8je t1_iybantn wrote

looks perfect!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybax5f wrote

Thank you for that!! She is my total obsession right now 🥹💚


happenstanz t1_iybf871 wrote

This is a very cute kitty!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybg892 wrote

Thank you very much! I’ll tell her you said so!! 😙🫶


dgoforth56 t1_iyc7c1m wrote

That’s how it starts lol


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydprew wrote

Lol! She’s definitely already doing a number on me! I’m sure she would love a sibling in the future 😭🫶


Asuarii t1_iybh427 wrote

Little fluff ball, so adorable!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybhimu wrote

Thank you so much!! She’s really soft like a bunny! 😭🥹


karensmiles t1_iybbtv3 wrote

Awww…I just lost my Siamese baby girl, Marley, to kidney failure. She was 16, and we miss her so much. This brought back memories, so thank you, and enjoy her! She’s beautiful!!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybcga0 wrote

I’m so sorry for your loss, I bet she was a beautiful kitty, I love Siamese cats. I’m so glad we could bring a little happiness to your day! 🫂❤️‍🩹🥺


Beginning-History946 t1_iybc8m9 wrote

Is that a Bluepoint Siamese kitten?


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybcyzb wrote

She’s actually a lilac point ragdoll! 😄


VisionAri_VA t1_iybeufw wrote

I so want a ragdoll or two! Are they terribly expensive (just ”yes” or “no”; I don’t want to be all up in your business)?


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybg1lw wrote

She was the first pet I ever bought with my own money so she was sort of expensive to me 😅 I read online they could go for a lot more though so I think she was fairly priced!


halfbreedADR t1_iybzmx3 wrote

Dunno what you consider expensive, but my ragdoll was $650 about 6.5 years ago. This was out of southern CA.

Totally worth it though. She was so well socialized I can even trim all her nails in one go with no restraint necessary.


Beginning-History946 t1_iybow2n wrote

Oh, how cool! She'll be a good-sized fluffy girl, then. She's a a real beauty, and will be even more so when her points develop further! I have a friend who had a female sealpoint Ragdoll. Lots of regal cattitude as she walked with tail in the air! 😼 I had 3 applehead sealpoint Siamese males through my first 50 years. I loved their markings. Enjoy your new baby!

By the way, I just discovered the Furminator comb.... wish I had known about it sooner! I could knit a whole kitten with the loose undercoat I extract. Got really tired of constantly having to lint roll EVERYTHING. My rescue cats were also constantly hacking up furballs... or actual twisted "ropes" at times. I had never seen a furball from my Siameezers... ever! But I can't say enough kudos for that Furminator tool. I only discovered it in a grooming video. If anyone reads this & is interested, Amazon carries them if your pet supply shop doesn't.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybrnjo wrote

Thank you so much for this suggestion! I will be picking one up ASAP! I will absolutely be taking your advice! I wear a lot of black clothes so that will definitely help me out! 😅🙏 you’re the best for this comment!! Thank you so much 🫶😭


halfbreedADR t1_iybugre wrote

You may find black clothes to be not worth the effort after a while😩. Ragdoll fur clings to everything. I almost never wear my black hoodie because effort.

Also, I find a comb with rotating bristles like the “Untangler” work well on ragdolls, especially for dreads which can get pretty gnarly with that ultra fine hair. You might want to combine one with a Furminator or ShedMonster which don’t break up dreads as well, but honestly I eventually started to use the Untangler as my primary comb. As long as you groom them weekly, dreads stay pretty manageable.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybxcj5 wrote

I will definitely be looking into both of these! Thank you so much for the suggestion!! Oh boy I sort of figured her hairs would be a bit of a battle 😅 I will probably refrain from buying anymore dark colored clothes 😂🥲 she’s totally worth the trouble though! I really appreciate your advice, I probably would’ve been using normal lint rollers for ages!! 🙏😭


halfbreedADR t1_iybzabg wrote

Oh yeah my girl is totally worth it. She’s actually pretty low maintenance other than getting fur on everything. She loves getting combed, and tolerates nail trimming! The only time she gets a little bitey is when I’m working on a particularly tough dread, and even then I can usually go at it for a while before she finally says “enough!”

Also, dreads will tend to form under your girl’s armpits and right underneath the tail on the sides. Just feel around there as you groom her and start working them out as soon as you find them.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydoem0 wrote

Thank you so much for letting me know!! I will be checking under her arms more often just in case! Have you tried doing the wet tooth brush thing? I saw online some cats like that since it felt similar to being licked on the forehead! 😭🥹


halfbreedADR t1_iydxblp wrote

Never tried the toothbrush thing. Wouldn’t hurt though.

Also, you won’t really need to check for dreads much until her hair grows out, just do normal grooming. Maybe in 6 months? I can’t remember how long it took.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iye24os wrote

I will absolutely keep that in mind! I think in 2 months she will be at the 6 month mark! So far she’s been really good about being brushed gently with a slicker brush but I’m going to switch over to that ferminator one, it looks a lot nicer! 🙏


Gareth79 t1_iycmajk wrote

Wearing light coloured clothes doesn't work. People will still say "oh so you have lots of cats then?"


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydq8l7 wrote

😭😭😭 there’s no winning this battle!! She’s definitely worth it though! 🫶


t8ble41 t1_iybcmks wrote

Little bit toasted around the nose area..


petitt2958 t1_iybd286 wrote

What an exceptional first kitty!! More love than you can handle❣️❣️ Enjoy!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybdeey wrote

Thank you very much!! I am so excited to see her grow up! I am kicking myself for not getting a cat sooner! 😅


petitt2958 t1_iybe2af wrote

Every person I know that finally gets a kitten, says exactly that!! Raise it like a dog, and it will be your best companion. Ours come when called, understand all of their various nicknames, come to get you when there’s an issue, and are incredible mousers. Your’s is cute as shit!!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybfi69 wrote

I definitely want that sort of relationship with her! I’ve only had dogs growing up so I had to adjust how I was petting her 😅 she’s so little and cute it I have to restrain myself from wanting to hug her all the time! I cannot wait to try to teach her tricks! She’s very food driven! 😋


petitt2958 t1_iybfxh2 wrote

She looks tiny. They toughen up. 😊 She looks just 8-12 weeks old.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybghet wrote

Her birthday is September 1st 🥹 I can’t wait for her to get bigger so I can snuggle her! 😭🙏


PitifulHeron5663 t1_iybduix wrote

there's a certain kind of peace that washes over you whenever you watch. kitten/cat sleep


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybeuxn wrote

I agree!! Also I never realized how much I liked cats purring 😭🫶 she’s my little car engine she purrs so much! 🥹


Electrical-Act-7170 t1_iybe1qc wrote

You got a fuzzy one. Please brush and comb her and get her accustomed to having her nails trimmed while she's young.

What's her name?


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybf3tq wrote

For sure! Already on the job! We’ve had a bath (she stepped in her own poop 😅) and she’s really good at getting her nails trimmed! …Though I did it when she was sleepy so I think I had that in my favor 🙏😅


Electrical-Act-7170 t1_iycw0we wrote

Name? You forgot to tell us her name.

You're off to a great start. Keep it up!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydqlpy wrote

I should’ve put it in the title! Her name is Sookie!! I really liked those Charlaine Harris books in high school lol 😅🫣


nobutIknowher t1_iybeb64 wrote

Congratulations! And may I say Excellent choice! Your kitten is absolutely adorable, and I hope you will have many happy years together, and many many cute kitty stories to tell in those years🤗♥️


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybfl5x wrote

This was so sweet to read! Thank you so much for your kind words! 🥹🫶 I’m looking forward to everyday with her!


Bigtiny87 t1_iybgava wrote

Looks like you’re a pro already.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybgpum wrote

Thank you so much!! I’m learning more and more everyday about her! I can’t get enough information on cats they’re fascinating! 🤩💖


Bigtiny87 t1_iybjd2f wrote

Not sure how long you’ve had her but small spaces together at first really create the safety/familiar bond. If I’m late to the snuggle fest, please disregard.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybk4bm wrote

That’s actually great to know! Thank you for suggesting that! Do you have any recommendations?


Bigtiny87 t1_iyblgro wrote

I was lucky years ago and had a 2nd bedroom connected to a bathroom, so I just slept there and a litter box was available. Now I have just my bedroom and would keep the box and food here with door closed for a week or two. You can move the box anywhere and she’ll know where to go.

She’s clearly sleeping peacefully, so you’re doing something right :)


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybn9h5 wrote

Okay perfect! I do have a cat carrier that I keep open/on the ground and she seems to like that! I will definitely be keeping that in mind if I have to leave the house without her! Thank you for the suggestion I appreciate that very much! 🙏


Bigtiny87 t1_iyc0r2k wrote

Just a T or a sweater should help in her bed. You got this.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydot8k wrote

I will be trying that today! I appreciate that very much! 🙏 thank you again for the advice, you’re very helpful! 🫂🖤


Burglekutt_2000 t1_iybgb4g wrote

Cool looking kitty. Enjoy! :D


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybgrst wrote

Thank you so much!! I appreciate that! I love her so much already 🫶🥹


Teddy_Doodle t1_iybu075 wrote

Oh my! She is such a beauty! I bet she is as sweet as she is beautiful!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybww7d wrote

Thank you so much! 🥹🫶 she is very sweet and super plateful!! Can’t get enough of her 😭🙏


lotusflower64 t1_iybuyq4 wrote

Angel kitty. 🤍🤍🤍


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybxen9 wrote

I love her so much! Thank you for the sweet comment 🫶🥹


lotusflower64 t1_iybyia6 wrote

You are very welcome. She’s a beauty. What’s her name?


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydnro0 wrote

Her name is Sookie! 🥹💚


lotusflower64 t1_iydnyd4 wrote

Sookie Stackhouse lol.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydrwnu wrote

Yes! Thats right!! I loved reading those Charlaine Harris books when I was younger! That name always stook with me lol! 😅


rubyreignxo t1_iybxf4q wrote

Her whiskers are so long and cute!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iybxpy8 wrote

Thank you for the sweet comment!! 🫶 I am waiting for the moment I find one and put it on her head like a unicorn 😂🦄


kindtheking9 t1_iybywu6 wrote

Fun fact, thier face and feet will get darker as they grow older, siamese cats are interesting things


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydnzh3 wrote

I will be looking forward to that!! I keep trying to imagine how she will look grown up! I’m hoping she’ll be big enough to snuggle 😭🙏


kindtheking9 t1_iydoqxj wrote

All cats are snuggle aized if you know what you're doing


MrsRossGeller t1_iyc0fkb wrote

Awww and she’s purrrrfect!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydol8f wrote

Aww thank you so much! She’s definitely the center of attention over here! 😭🫶


stingbaby76 t1_iyc3gj8 wrote

I am sure you will take good care of this sweet kitty. With respect, please don’t feed milk, and research best food with vet help. Already know this? Apologies, then. Enjoy your time with your new friend!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydp61q wrote

Thank you so much for the advice! I haven’t been giving her anything outside her kitty food, but I’m glad to know that milk isn’t a good idea! I did watch a couple Jackson Galaxy videos and he said that too! I had no idea kitties couldn’t process lactose! 🙏 I appreciate your comment, thank you very much! 🖤


gotyourdata t1_iyc6usn wrote

uh oh you’ve done it now..

starts with one little cutie and before you know it you have three. then you see a stray and by that time what’s one more??

and how did this 5th one weasel it’s way inside my home??

Even when the buggers are fixed they seem to multiply.. no fault of mine!!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydpmq9 wrote

I have a feeling this will be me in the future 😭😅 I can’t believe how much joy she’s already brought me! I’m sure a few more would be pretty amazing! I’ll be having a small army of cats lol 🫣🤭


obsolete_filmmaker t1_iyca9bn wrote

Congrats! Enjoy the shenanigans!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydq0vh wrote

Thank you so much!! I have definitely been enjoying them so far!! I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve been taking of her doing the most silly things! I will totally be posting her more often! 😂


Feeney1056 t1_iydd4tw wrote

My buddy recently got a kitten that looks nearly identical to this little fluff


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydr9ah wrote

That’s amazing! 🖤 I hope they are loving being a kitty parent as much as I am!! They are so fun, I can’t believe I waited this long to get one! 🥹🙏


Feeney1056 t1_iye09bt wrote

They're at college right now, but they love being with their little friend


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iye28jz wrote

Aww!! I bet their kitty will be so excited when they get back! 😭🥰


Beautiful-Accident27 t1_iydjw2i wrote

I remember when my sweet baby child was this little.

Now she is my queen and she punishes me for not performing her chores in a timely fashion. But I still love her.


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iydrisf wrote

Oh my gosh! I love that!! I can’t wait for her personality to come out! I’ll be looking forward to the sassiness and secretly hoping she gets a little more vocal 🤭🫶


madthirdhorseman t1_iydpau1 wrote

Sooo adorable! Name yet?


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iyds2em wrote

Thank you very much!! I appreciate your comment 🫶Yes! I named her Sookie! 🖤


RobinSparkles321 t1_iyeqjkt wrote

So pretty! She’s like a cloud!


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iyf1fzj wrote

Thank you so much! I love how you phrased that! A sleepy little cloud 🥹☁️🤍


TheRootsOfYggdrasil t1_iyf13pm wrote

Sleep tight little kitty gif


Seroqueldreams OP t1_iyf1s3d wrote

Lol you’ve got perfect timing! She’s actually taking another nap right now on the couch! 😅😂