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QuailandDoves t1_j2ab2x2 wrote

We walk our 2 big dogs everyday. Inevitably when someone approaches with a small dog and spots us they pick up the small dog. I feel sad that they are apparently afraid my dogs might attack theirs, but don’t know what to say.


TWS1605 OP t1_j2adppe wrote

Luckily I live in a small village so lots of people know that my dog is super friendly but because he’s so big, lots of people stare.


TBeIRIE t1_j2bdkm3 wrote

Little dogs are usually more vicious than the gentle giants. 🐾❤️🐾


BestDogeNA2021 t1_j2bk8m6 wrote

You may have a sweet dog, but other big dogs are a wild card. Better be safe and not pet one until you know


1feralengineer t1_j2a1nsa wrote

You get bitten enough times by dogs, you learn to be scared


pickles55 t1_j2ax515 wrote

The police use dogs to terrorize people. They can be dangerous, there's no way around that fact.