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behappysometimes t1_j1kum7r wrote

Cats prefer running water.


ChillyCheese t1_j1l1isc wrote

Get your cat a water fountain and place it far from their food. They still might like sink water, but it should help keep them hydrated and kidneys healthy. Clean it every few weeks.


Tenkata t1_j1kt3rm wrote

My cat would jump up and wait for us to turn the water on so he can drink from it. Next time he does this, turn it on and see if he drinks from it. Cats instinctively like running water more because it is less likely to have stuff that is bad for them.


random420x2 t1_j1l0k3f wrote

Our cat Poe (who looks EXACTLY like yours) stands outside the bathroom door and does his loudest squeak until I go run the sink for him. He does not care about the drought nor does he contribute to the water bill. Sigh. gifimg


pharaoh-doll t1_j1l2u64 wrote

My Ricochet's obsessed with the bathtub and the sink. She doesn't do the running water thing most cats do, though. I tried to turn the tap on for her once and she just flipped out and ran away. Came right back as soon as the water was off, though vOv


aligador t1_j1ku01j wrote

How often do you run your disposal? Maybe it smells tuna


Mirandactyl t1_j1kx2vs wrote

I've heard cats like the smell(s) of certain cleaners! Lots of people say their cat climbs in the sink right after they clean it.

My cat seems to have no interest tho 🤣


ania11111 t1_j1l78ae wrote

Looks like a box, access to running water and cooling area if hot. Cats know quality spots


Jsc221 t1_j1luqnb wrote

My cat always wants water from the faucet rather than his water dish. On the curved bathroom basins he will hunker down in them and chill out.


aceromester t1_j1m203g wrote

Cats are hard wired to prefer water "from the source" (faucet) instead of from a stagnant puddle (water bowl).

In the wild it would be safer to drink from a spring or moving body of water rather than a puddle.


NewPartyDress t1_j1kv9kf wrote

Your cat is thinking it would make an amazing litter box. 😂


Healthy_Coughs t1_j1l0rvc wrote

Give him a drink, cup your hands under the tap.


Kittenpawfur t1_j1m0h8q wrote

My cats do this when there is a speck of something in the water bowl.


damitjim2012 t1_j1mgouo wrote

It can probably here the vent vacuum


catsrgreat4u t1_j1mufbq wrote

Typical cat behavior, your cat is operating within normal cat standards.


mrcanslim t1_j1mvdoh wrote

If it's a male cat, especially a neutered one, be sure that he is not having difficulty urinating. When male cats have a urinary blockage from the formation of crystals in their urethra, they will often go in a sink or tub to try to urinate. Best prevention is limiting dry food and promoting hydration with a water fountain.