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tehtris t1_j243wfs wrote

Idk if this is aww yet, really depends on where you work.


korg0thbarbarian OP t1_j2466qa wrote

I work at a recycling centre, and it's the first time I've seen it,I find mice cute so I found it fit here


HarlotSuccubus t1_j24i72b wrote

I had pet mice and there was a little wild mouse who would sit at the back of my computer desk and watch me, and my pet mice play. after a few weeks of watching, he come up to me when i didn't have my boys out and sat right next to my hand while i had it on the computer mouse and just chilled watching me game like my boys did. i would give him some treats and he would dip but he always came back. mice are super cute and make great pets.


korg0thbarbarian OP t1_j24j8n6 wrote

That sounds great, when I came close to this one he just ran away, but yeah I never had pet mouse, I had bunnies, hamster and cats and trying to get a cat again


thumblewode t1_j244y2c wrote

Looks like yall need some cats


korg0thbarbarian OP t1_j245tl0 wrote

Haha true I think I have only seen once a cat here, even though it's in the middle of the city, but I don't mind mice don't see them often