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tiptoethrutheroses t1_j6or189 wrote

Best dog I ever had was a whippet. She never met a kid she didn't absolutely love. She was quiet, loyal, obedient, but boy, could she run. They are bred to chase rabbits so it's best if they have room to spread out.


collarsandwatches OP t1_j6org5n wrote

Yes. Same is true for Jasmine. She loves everyone and everything.... Even cats! Also, we did some lure training once and she clocked 63.5km/hour... That's about 39.5 miles/hour


tiptoethrutheroses t1_j6ose9w wrote

That's awesome. She liked our cats too. The only thing she hated was people in camo clothing. She beat me driving up our steep driveway. I was doing 32mph so I know they're fast. Her name was Spanky...get it? I miss her.


LilSpermCould t1_j6ov5wh wrote

Gorgeous! My first two whippets had that color brindle. My girl just turned ten and is a blue fawn. I'll never have a better dog than her!


chronic_pain_sucks t1_j6oxuzj wrote

I feel like I'm staring down the longest barrel of love 💕 I love you too, Jasmine


missinlnk t1_j6pazni wrote

Whippet good 😍


GuardDog1986 t1_j6onz27 wrote

She looks so sad. I love her pretty little face. 😍


collarsandwatches OP t1_j6oqsv8 wrote

Whippets have "woe face" all the time. That's how they get loved so much 😂


LilSpermCould t1_j6ov0fd wrote

That's just part of their scam.

Oh, look at me, I need cuddles! Oh I'm so hungry, I need treats!

Mine has taken to crying when she's not pleased with the blanket situation on the couch or the bed. When they get older I've noticed they become much more outspoken.