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codyvir t1_j6y2azb wrote

I see you getting a little bit of flak for this, and I think the charitable way of looking at the question is not as you wondering if you can ignore them, but wondering if they are actually having any impact on the atrocious driving around here. I wonder, too.... In a town where people will pass you in the bus lane to run a red light that you're stopped at, and blow down residential streets at 40-50MPH regardless of speed bumps, who knows if some camera ticketing is gonna have any impact.


DvrthKen OP t1_j6zzb45 wrote

Thank you. I just wanted to know if they worked because a lot of people don’t seem to be deterred by them. I’ve also never seen signs for them so frequently in any other city I’ve been to.


dickpickdan t1_j6ykjws wrote

Yup. Layer in the fake temp tags and cameras doing shit. That and the some of ones on the 83 are only operational during weekdays 7-7 or something like that